Use These 10 Surprising Things for Operating Facebook!

If you are using Facebook, then knowing these 10 surprising things will completely change your way. There are so many interesting features on Facebook through which it becomes very convenient to use. This social media networking site is extremely popular for connecting all over the globe.

A Facebook user can grab and contribute ideas for building conversations to find the same interests.For sharing ideas, people can engage and create content for sharing it on their accounts. You can boost customer engagement by elevating shoppers and by building loyal followers. There are so many public endorsers that help you to reach out to brands they follow.

It comes with a massive community that allows brands to create engagement in a unique way. There are so many additional ways through which a user can build interaction and engage the audience. Facebook Page Likes, comments and shares will promote your Facebook account reach within a shorter period of time.

10 Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Follow and Unfollow People:The very first thing which you will find on Facebook is that here you can follow and unfollow people. In case you want to clean your home feed, then this is the best way through which you can add followers and undo them at the same time. In case you don’t want to unfollow them, then you can also clog them on your home feed. A lot of people on Facebook follow their favourite celebrities to see their upcoming public posts. Also, if you don’t want to accept any random friend request, then you can allow them to follow you instead.
  2. Giving Away Location:Over Facebook, you get the option to give away locations for tracking people in real-time. You can see the location of your friends by giving away locations. To enable this feature, all you need to do is click on the function of Facebook’s friends near me. Now, head towards More > Nearby Friends > Settings Cog Icon.
  3. Keep Shadow Profiles on: Being a regular user, and you will see an option to keep shadow profiles on so that people can connect directly. This is the best way to build a connection and sync your phone book along with your account.
  4. Taking the Best Use of Facebook Messenger: You can make the best use of Facebook messenger for building communication with friends. If you are running a business, then messenger will help in building the network and resolving queries of customers. This feature is not only available for communicating here, but you can also play games. There are so many interesting games available on messenger, such as playing chess, basketball etc. along with this, there is a new feature where you can also order an Uber car.
  5. A Virtual Reality Application: Facebook is used as a virtual reality application where you can play a hyper-realistic virtual game. By playing games, you can also do chatting with players.
  6. The Facility of Video Chatting: Facebook gives the facility of video chatting, which range from up to 50 people at a single time. There are countless alternatives for doing video chatting on Facebook. If you want to do small business meetings, then a Facebook server is best for you.
  7. Live-streaming Videos: If you want to build interaction with the audience, then start Facebook live. In case you are running a business, then Facebook live is best for building interaction and resolving queries.
  8. Access Other Applications:Over Facebook, you will get the opportunity to own lots of other applications too. You can access applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Live Rail and Oculus etc.
  9. Creating a Memorialised Page: Being a Facebook user, you can decide what will happen when you get to die. Here, you can create a memorialised page by choosing who will control your account. The person you have chosen can hand over your death certificate to Facebook to make your account as a memorialised page.
  10. Collecting Marketers on Facebook:Here, Americans have the control over collecting marketers on Facebook. Over Facebook, there is a directory converted which is only accessible to Americans. This directory contains the list of all the marketers for sharing information and doing transactions. In addition, there is a hyper-targeted advertising through which a user can make actual purchases. Facebook Page Likes will benefit in so many ways by improving sales and creating engagement.


Facebook has become a very huge platform in terms of establishing a business or using it for any other purpose. It comes with easy notifications for sharing photos and other content. You can also access multiple applications and link them to your Facebook account. This platform is based on a virtual reality application so that you can also play games along with chat.

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