Top Blockchain-Based NFT Racing Games!

Blockchain gaming is a new trend that has evolved in recent years. Because cryptocurrencies make it possible for players to trade their in-game assets, it is also steadily gaining in popularity. There are so many types of blockchain video games in the market. One of the most well-liked categories of blockchain games is racing games. As players compete with one another for the best time, these racing games are all about speed and adrenaline. There are car racing NFT games, horse racing NFT games, and so on. And some of the games are based on crypto too!


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Top NFT Racing Games

  1. REVV Racing 

REVV gaming, formerly known as the blockchain gaming platform REVV motorsport, provides a superior P2E experience. One of the most popular game dapps on the Polygon network is REVV Racing by Animoca Brands. This experience combines everything you might have encountered in previous racing games. You can make money in the game by betting REVV and selling antiques. The game’s commissions change frequently, and players are rewarded with amazing prizes. Some things players should know about the game are,

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  • It is the first 3D racing game with a third-person perspective and blockchain technology.
  • Complete control over the player’s car in real-time on the course.
  • Utilize a keyboard or one of the game controllers, such as an Xbox or PlayStation.
  • NFTs are things players own in the game.
  • It’s constructed using Polygon.
  1. Pegaxy 

Another illustrious NFT racing game. However, it differs slightly from the REVV in that the player will race mech-horses for rewards rather than using vehicles. The players can rent them out to other players or sell their Pega on the marketplace. Many improvements are included in the game’s official roadmap, and the players will keep track of its development on PGR (Polygon Gaming Ranking). The VIS is the name of the currency in this game. Things players should know about the game before start playing are,

  • To earn VIS, Players must place among the top three using cunning enhancements, and skill. 
  • Since Polygon’s creation, it has been the most well-liked game, with over $200 million swiftly passing through the website.
  1. Super Crypto Cart

It is an online, free-to-play nft racing game. Its gameplay is just like Mario Kart, and players can engage in competition for the prize fund. It can be accessed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and maybe Android and iOS in the future. The game’s gameplay includes specialized traceable karts and the best cryptocurrencies on the market. With entrance fees ranging from $1 to $100+ in $CHAIN tokens, the in-game currency, you can compete and join lobbies. After each round, all of your winnings will be immediately put into your Web3 wallet. You can play for free and practice as much as you like in the single-player mode. This is a fun game with a nice selection of cars with cryptographic themes. NFTs and earn-to-play elements are absent. In this game, each player pays an entry fee, and the winner takes home the prize fund.

  1. Clash Of Cars

The game is a racing game, as the name implies. Players must employ their skills and tactics to cross the finish line first. Players can collect custom automobiles in Clash and race and battle other players in them. They can empower themself with and employ skills as long as they have energy. The players can be constantly refreshed with energy, which enables them to use a range of talents while fighting. Things players should know about this game are,

  • There can be no more than four opponents for a player.
  • The prize in coins is far greater for the first person to cross the finish line than for the others.
  • The goal of this game’s tournament is to find the greatest skilled pilot on the entire planet.
  1. DeRace 

Here is another game that entertains with horse riding activities because racing does not necessarily involve racing with cars. It is a whole ecosystem for NFT horse racing where the players may make money while racing horses, breeding NFT horses with special traits, and building their own NFT hippodrome. It enables users to control their hippodrome and interact with their NFT horses that have had their DNA upgraded. The NFT horses differ in appearance, cool-down time, and speed, among other things. This game website is built on blockchain technology, so it is safe to use. For all site transactions, including entrance fees, NFT sales, awards, and player’s rewards, DeRace uses its own currency, DeRace Coin (DERC). Although DeRace horses look similar to real horses, they have unique qualities that set them apart and add to their worth. Their performance, cool-down time, rarity, and price are used to group them. 


These are some top NFT racing games, which are popular and safe to play. The ideas of total transparency and digital scarcity were first proposed by blockchain technology. Blockchain racing games are still in their infancy and lag significantly behind the most widely played mainstream auto-racing games. But it will be a good source of income in the future!

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