Some common misconceptions about addicts


The myth that people who use drugs are cowards is a serious one. The fact is, most people who use drugs do so out of need. They might be using it to cope with stress or to deal with painful experiences in their pasts. When used in a controlled way, substances can be helpful. The difference between using drugs and using alcohol, for example, is that the latter is generally seen as less dangerous. These misconceptions often fail to acknowledge that not everyone who drinks gets into trouble with it. Some people use drugs because they genuinely need them, in the same way, that others turn to food or sleeping tablets to help them relax and feel better. Trucare Trust is one of the leading and best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai for alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Drug Addicts Are Uneducated Or Poor

The myth that drug addicts are uneducated or poor is depressing, to say the least. The reality is that drug addiction is not a choice. It’s a disease that affects the brain. And regardless of socioeconomic status, people who struggle with addiction are human beings just like you and me. They have families and loved ones who love them and care about them, just as much as you might care about your family. If anything, drug addiction is a complex issue that often touches on specific issues such as mental health and past trauma.

People Who Use Drugs Are Criminal Or Dangerous

The fact is very few people who use drugs end up being dangerous to society. This is because, again, most people who use substances don’t progress to full-blown addiction. They may become dependent on drugs, but they don’t necessarily become addicted. People who engage in dangerous or criminal behaviour are often after money. They might be looking to make money in other ways, such as stealing, or they might be looking to fund their habits in some way.

So You Think You Have an Addiction?

This is an extremely damaging myth. The chances are, if you’ve read this far, you know that people who have substance use problems do exist. What this myth fails to acknowledge, however, is the difference between an addiction and a personality trait such as a love of risk-taking. In reality, having a tendency to take risks does not make you an addict. It makes you a human being, who sometimes does things that are risky. Having a tendency to get involved with drugs is not the same as being addicted to them.

addicts Are Just Like Any Other Person

This myth perpetuates the idea that people who struggle with substance abuse are somehow less than human. The fact is, substance abuse problems are serious illnesses. People who struggle with substance abuse are not necessarily any less deserving of love or respect than anyone else is. They might have problems with certain things such as food, work, or compulsive behaviours such as gambling, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less deserving of dignity or respect than you or I are.

Summing up

Addiction is a serious issue that affects a significant number of people. The key to getting help is finding someone who you can talk to openly, who will be supportive and understanding. There are many resources available to help you find a counsellor or therapist in your area or to help you find support online. Get Directions to Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai. If you feel that you or someone you know might have a problem with substances, it’s important to seek help. Addicts are people like you and me, and they deserve support.

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