Why Euphoria’s Martha Kelly Thought She’d Be Fired For Role


When Martha Kelly was hired to play Laurie in Euphoria, she really didn’t know what she was signing up for.

“I was really scared to play Laurie because I definitely see the character as just a monster,” the Emmy nominee told E! News. “And I’m a stand-up comic, so if I’m lucky enough to get acting jobs, I want them to be likable characters.” 

But Laurie is the opposite of a likable character. She’s a drug dealer who will stop at nothing to make a profit, even if it means hiring a teenager to deal to high schoolers. She even drugged Rue (Zendaya) and locked her in a room, seemingly planning to use her for her gain. 

So again, Martha wasn’t sure how her skills as a comedienne would translate. “This is a dramatic show,” she remembers thinking to herself. “I’m not a dramatic actor. I’m probably going to get fired.”


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