What to Pack for Cancun: 15 Cancun Outfit Ideas


Have you ever stared at your suitcase and wondered, “What am I going to pack?” It’s a fairly common question for anyone who’s ever traveled, but for those of us who love fashion (which I’m guessing includes you, dear reader), that question takes on a whole new weight. We can often be chronic overpackers and are more likely to fall into the trap of spending a fortune on new frocks and becoming perplexed about which pieces photograph well. Sure, there are more important things we could worry about (like finding an affordable flight or the perfect hotel), but if I’m being honest, planning what to wear on vacation can make or break a trip. No one wants to show up to Paris or Cancun only to realize they’ve packed pieces that don’t match the climate, are extremely uncomfortable, or scream “tourist.” So when it comes to discerning what’s worth the space in your suitcase, it’s time that’s well spent in my eyes. Of course, not everyone has ample time to think about what outfits to wear, and luckily for them, our team exists. 

Not only do my colleagues spend time discerning which destinations, trends, and brands are worth paying attention to, but I’ve also personally traveled to 13 countries, so it’s safe to say that I know how to pack a suitcase. Since I’ve traveled to various parts of Mexico and am constantly scrolling through Instagram, I figured I’d do the heavy lifting for you and share what to pack for Cancun. Ahead, you’ll find 15 capsule travel pieces worth considering putting in your suitcase, along with shopping suggestions and outfit ideas. Consider this your ultimate guide to looking cool in Cancun.


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