Walden U Accused of ‘Reverse Redlining’


Walden University has been sued in federal court for preying on minorities and women and misrepresenting the costs and credits required for getting an advanced degree, The New York Times reported. Walden intentionally stretched out the process of completing a capstone project, requiring students to re-enroll for semesters, paying tuition while they waited for approval from a three-member committee, the suit said, adding that the university overcharged students by more than $28.5 million. “Walden lured in students with the promise of an affordable degree, then strung them along to increase profits,” said Aaron Ament, the president of the National Student Legal Defense Network. “As if that’s not bad enough, Walden specifically targeted Black students and women for this predatory program, masking its discrimination as a focus on diversity.”

Walden said the suit was a “baseless and inflammatory attempt to repackage Walden’s school mission into calculated discrimination.”


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