Vitamin F in Skincare: How to Use It and Its Benefits


Though vitamin F is a misnomer, it still has tons of skin-friendly benefits. The skin barrier is a hot topic right now, and fats like vitamin F are critical to supporting it. “[Vitamin F] helps to improve the structure and function of the epidermal barrier, helping to reduce dryness by aiding in the retention of water,” says Mack. In other words, anyone with dry or damaged skin will see tons of improvement from mixing in vitamin F, but it’s a universal ingredient that anyone can use regardless of their skin type.

In addition to the effects that vitamin F can have on skin health, Mack explains that some studies show it may also have a hand in improving cardiovascular health, assisting infant brain development, and reducing inflammation. It may even help mitigate the risk of developing cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.


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