U of Delaware Finds Scientist Committed Research Misconduct


The University of Delaware found Danielle Dixson, associate professor of marine science and policy, responsible for falsifying and fabricating work on fish behavior in coral reefs, according to Science. The university is reportedly seeking the retraction of three of Dixson's papers and has notified federal funding agencies. Science previously published a note of concern about one of those papers, from 2014, and formally retracted it on Tuesday. The university committee that reviewed Dixson's work on how rising carbon dioxide levels affect fish behavior and ecology reportedly wrote in its report that it was "struck by a serial pattern of sloppiness, poor recordkeeping, copying and pasting within spreadsheets, errors within many papers under investigation, and deviation from established animal ethics protocols." Dixson did not respond to requests for comment. Her lawyer, Kristina Larsen, told Science that Dixson "adamantly denies any and all allegations of wrongdoing, and will vigorously appeal any finding of research misconduct."

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