TikTok’s Latest Lip Craze Will Help You Enter Your Villain Era


Tricked you? No, TikTok’s latest, super-sultry lipstick trend will save you. You’ve probably come across plenty of hacks to over-line lips through TikTok, whether it’s Mario Dedanovick’s lip lift technique, pursing your lips together to line the edges, or oval-lining. The newest lip liner hack, “siren lips,” is completely different—and the result is incredibly alluring. 

“Siren lips” are similar to “siren eyes,” another TikTok makeup trend that’s going viral right now. “Siren eyes” are essentially a smoked-out cat eye that give eyes an elongated effect. “Siren lips” also play off of this concept. The basic idea is simple: overline your lips as usual, using a slightly darker lip liner than your lipstick color, and extend the edge line a bit past where your natural lips end. Think “the Joker” but make it sexy. 

Since this lip trend is going to be everywhere, I had to try it for myself. I was worried I might look cartoonish, or like I was literally trying to look like “the Joker.” In reality, this slight extension on my lips made me look like I was slightly smiling without really trying to—and I’ll definitely be trying the hack again. 

I went in with one of my favorite liners, my Refy lip liner in the shade dusk, for a more subtle version of the look. This liner is a pinkish brown, which I thought would look more natural on my skin tone when extended outward. I lined my lips as normal and drew a slightly up-turned line from the edge of each side of my lips. From there, I filled my lips in with Merit Signature Lip in Baby and covered everything with a mauve-toned gloss from Lawless. 

A rep from CTZN Cosmetics (of which Sir John, Beyoncé’s makeup artist, is the Chief Creative Officer) shared that they would start by lining lips with the nude lipstick to begin, and then go in with a dark brown liner, being sure to extend the top line on the sides. From there, connect your bottom lip-liner to your top lip-liner and cover everything with a clear gloss to help blend it all seamlessly. 

For this method, you’ll want two lip liners: one dark liner and one nude. Go in with the nude liner first and line your lips as you usually would. From there, you’ll take the dark brown liner and oval-line your lips (meaning go straight across your cupid’s bow instead of defining it). Extend your lip liner by flicking it up at the sides. If you want a more exaggerated look, you can just use a clear gloss to blend everything together, or pop a nude lipstick on top to make it a bit more natural-looking. 

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