TikTok download – how to get the app and download TikTok videos


As one of the biggest content platforms of the moment, TikTok downloads are through the roof, with all manner of celebrities, athletes, and even politicians taking to the platform to share their lives and opinions. With all that going on, we don’t blame you for wanting to jump into the action, and you’re in just the right place for it. 

Our TikTok download guide has everything you need to get involved on the hottest social media app of the last few years, including how to do a TikTok video download. Whether it’s a puppy video for your partner, or a Fleetwood Mac singing skater, you can keep ahead of what’s trending and be the meme master of your friend group by sharing some of the funniest clips from the platform. 

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TikTok download – how to download TikTok

You can easily download TikTok via either the App Store for Apple users, or the Google Play store for Android devices. With over 50 million positive ratings between both digital marketplaces, you can be confident that there’s no nasty bits with the official download, rather than taking your chance using an unofficial source. 

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TikTok download – how to download a TikTok video 

Downloading a TikTok video isn’t quite as easy as downloading the app itself, but isn’t too far off. There are two methods of downloading a TikTok video, one embedded within the app that includes a watermark, and then an unofficial channel that produces watermark-free videos. 

If you’re not concerned about watermarks, you can download a TikTok video within the app by following these simple steps. 

  • Find the video you want to download on TikTok 
  • Hit the arrow icon on the left of the screen below the likes and comment icons 
  • When given the option to share the video, hit save instead on the lower menu row 
  • Hit done 

If you need a watermark-free TikTok video download, you need to use a site such as save.tt or snaptik.app, where you also can find details on downloading for specific devices. Just remember that these sites are unofficial, and that TikTok videos you download should only be shared, rather than re-uploaded without credit for the original author. 

There you have it, our comprehensive TikTok download guide. While you’re here, why not check out our picks for the best games like Among Us on Switch and mobile, and see what might be the next viral gaming sensation. 


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