This Westworld Star Is Coming Back From the Dead in Season 4


James Marsden is getting back in the saddle.

While at the ATX Festival June 4, the actor joined the Westworld cast to confirm he will star in season four—but not as Teddy Flood, who he played in seasons one and two.

Instead, he’s set to play a mysterious new character who goes on a date with Christina, another newcomer played by Evan Rachel Wood—co-creator Lisa Joy confirmed that Dolores is in fact dead “but I really like Evan and she’s also kind of clinging so I had to bring her back.”

In season two, Teddy killed himself after Dolores turned him into a ruthless killer during the host rebellion. And while characters are often brought back to life on the HBO series, Teddy was MIA throughout season three.

“Sometimes,” teased Marsden, “you have to go away to come back.”


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