These Nordstrom and Amazon Home Items Are So Good


No one really likes to move, but there are a few plus sides of moving I always look forward to. The first one being that feeling of entering into a new chapter of your life always comes rushing over me when I move into a new apartment. Something about it feels like more of a new beginning than the start of a new year or even a birthday, there’s just something about moving into a new place that feels like a new start. The other thing on the list of moving pros is the opportunity to redecorate.

I don’t know about you, but I love to decorate and experiment with interior design and the first thing on my mind when I know I’m going to move is how I am going to curate my new space to look and feel more like me. To accomplish putting together a bedroom that can double as my personal sanctuary I turned to Nordstrom and Amazon for all of the bedroom home decor pieces that I needed to get the job done.

When I tell you I found so many items I’m not exaggerating, and once I was done my bedroom felt like a completely new space. I replaced all of my bedding and made the switch from soft cotton sheets to a soft linen sheets from Parachute and I have no idea what took me so long.

Keep scrolling to see what Amazon and Nordstrom home items I got to decorate my Soho bedroom with pictures to prove it.


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