These 5 Summer Trends Will Define 2022


While most people think that the first to know about new trends are fashion editors, the people behind major retailers are right there with us sitting front row at every show taking it all in. Using the power of sales data from previous seasons, their unique take is vital in the trend forecasting sphere. As we near the height of summer, I’ve begun to think about which trends that we’ve been seeing everywhere actually have staying power.

I decided to get in touch with Shopbop’s Fashion Director who has never steered me wrong, Caroline Maguire. She’s had her eye on all of the biggest trends this season and is convinced that the below 5 are real winners. I can’t tell if I’m most excited to buy into the walkable shoe trend or effortless dress that I’ve been seeing all over my Instagram feed. Scroll down to see these easy-to-wear trends that you must adopt. 


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