These 38 Under-$150 Shoes From Nordstrom Look So Expensive


Given how much contact my shoes make with the streets of New York, I have a rule that I very rarely—perhaps only in the name of Prada—break: I never spend more than $150 on footwear. The only problem is that my tastes, especially when it comes to shoes, don’t exactly align with my self-appointed budget. At least, they don’t when I shop from anywhere other than Nordstrom.

Despite what you might think about the department store, it houses just as many $1,000 items as it does $150 ones. In fact, in the under-$100 bracket alone, Nordstrom carries more than 7,000 shoe options, many of which look far more expensive than they are. And that’s without the rest of my allotted shoe fund. So, really, my $150 budget isn’t actually a problem at all. Or rather, it isn’t when I have the 38 Nordstrom pairs below at my disposal. 

Keep scrolling to shop the very best shoes from Nordstrom that cost less than $150 (but look more like $500). 


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