There’s a Cookie Run Disney collab, no we’re not taking the Mickey


It looks like things are about to get that much sweeter in Cookie Run: Kingdom as a magical cookie cutter has been discovered – it’s quite round, almost as though it could be three circles, and now that we think about it, the cookie-cutter shape looks somewhat like a rather famous mouse. Nicky, Pickie, Dickie? Oh, that’s right, Mickey!

Yes, thanks to a recent tweet from the official Cookie Run: Kingdom account, it looks as though a Cookie Run: Kingdom Disney collaboration is on the horizon, and we only find this to be very exciting. We simply can’t wait to feel the love one night when this partnership becomes part of our world.

Of course, details are very scarce about what we can expect, but it feels safe to assume that a couple of Disney characters may appear as cookie characters. What a sweet treat that would be. We can’t help but now think about how adorable an Olaf cookie would be, but we highly doubt the lil snowman is the first choice for this collaboration.

When is the Cookie Run: Kingdom Disney collaboration?

For now, there are no official details on what the collaboration entails, but as soon as new details come to light, we’ll update this story.

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