The Zara Shoes I Wore to 10 Weddings This Year


While I love investing in a brand new pair of sneakers or boots, my party shoes have almost always been from Zara. Even my wedding shoes (for all five events) were purchased from Zara, and I don’t regret a thing about it. They didn’t cost a fortune, were comfortable, and I wore them dozens of times long after my big day. I’ve tried a few designer party shoes in the past and ended the night with blisters and sore feet. Maybe I have yet to try the right pair of designer heels but Zara hasn’t let me down thus far, so I’m staying loyal for now. 

I’ve attended 10 wedding events this year and still have a few left on my calendar. While I love the few pairs I have, I’m looking to spruce up my collection for the next round of events. Zara currently has an excellent selection of formal shoes and I sifted through them to find the cream of the crop. Below, you can shop the 24 that really caught my eye. Whether you’re attending a wedding or a simple cocktail party, you’re going to want to take a look at these picks. From rhinestone slingbacks to updated flats, there’s a shoe that’ll fit your preference. 


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