The Truth About “Anti-Aging” Skincare Devices


You may have seen both microcurrent devices and EMS devices out there on the market but aren’t sure the difference between the two or what they even really do. I asked Sobelman to clear up the confusion for us. “While both EMS and microcurrent are electrical currents used for muscle stimulation, they are quite different from each other,” she explains. “EMS, which stands for electro muscle stimulation, is a form of faradic current, an interrupted direct current that is measured in milliamps and creates visible muscle contraction when applied to the body. It is best suited for larger muscles of the body and is too active for the more delicate muscles of the face.

“Microcurrent is an alternating current, as it uses both positive and negative polarities. The current is measured in micro amps (uA) with an intensity of 175-1000 uA. To put this in perspective, 1000 microamps is one milliamp. Microcurrent mimics the body’s own bioelectrical frequencies to stimulate the muscle, surrounding tissues, and even cellular activity. One of the greatest benefits of microcurrent is its ability to increase cellular energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate, also known as ATP. Increasing this cellular energy allows for optimized cellular function, giving your cells everything they need to do all the important things like synthesizing collagen, creating new cells, repairing damage, and preventing invasion from intruders.”

So yeah, you might want to think twice before hitting purchase on an EMS device. To be perfectly honest, I almost bought one myself but pumped the brakes and slid into Sobelman’s DMs instead to ask if she recommends these types of devices. “I don’t recommend EMS for the face, as it is too stimulating for these delicate muscles,” she says. “EMS creates visible muscle contractions, which depletes ATP. Microcurrent, on the other hand, increases ATP with every treatment, so not only are you increasing the health of the muscle, but you are also increasing the health of the skin. This is why microcurrent gives both instant and long-term results.”


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