The Micro-Belt Trend Is Officially Taking Over


Recently, I’ve noticed an influx of belts in fashion. In the fall/winter 2022 collections, belts made a major impact on the runways, and there was a wide range of styles in the mix. While we can expect to see many new belt silhouettes on the horizon for fall, there is one trend that is currently winning out: micro belts. The styles are very narrow, measuring around 10 to 13 centimeters. At about half the width of your average belt, they’re considerably smaller than the bigger belts you’re probably accustomed to pairing with jeans and trousers on the regular.

Brands such as Loewe, Savette, and Refine recently dropped them in their new collections, and fashion insiders have been quick to add them into their summer wardrobes, proving that the micro-belt trend has major legs. So what is the coolest way to style one? A popular outfit combination includes a white tank top, white jeans or trousers, and the micro belt—minimal, sleek, and primed for a clean-girl summer. But the outfit inspiration doesn’t end there. Ahead, see six ways to wear the micro-belt trend, and prepare to see the accessory even more this summer.


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