The Cool Jewelry to Add to Your Cart, According to Editors


I’m very loyal to my fashion staples, and that applies to jewelry, so I’ve had many of the same pieces on rotation for the last several years. While I see them as mainstays in my wardrobe for a long time moving forward, I’ve been interested in mixing up my jewelry to include some updated finds. Curious to know the latest cool jewelry to know about, I asked Who What Wear fashion editors to weigh in with the eye-catching pieces that are on their radar right now.

Their finds cover all of the bases, ranging from trendy, affordable pieces to timeless investment buys. So whether you’re in the market for something cool and colorful or an iconic Rolex timepiece, our editors have the exact finds to add to your closet. Ahead, see the cool jewelry finds we’re talking about now, starting with the pieces at the top of my personal shopping list.


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