The Best Frosted Lipsticks, As Seen On Celebrities


Trends always come and go. Typically, today’s current trends are reflective of what was popular around 20 years ago. With the rise of Y2K fashion—we see you, low-rise jeans—it only makes sense that we’re also starting to see some early 2000s makeup trends appearing on our social feeds.

One trend that we’re seeing everywhere right now is a controversial one. You guessed it, frosted lipstick is officially having a moment, having been seen on many celebrities this year. What’s more, with the popularity of the Pam & Tommy series, we’re reminded of Pamela Anderson’s iconic frosted lipstick looks, and so many celebrity makeup artists are bringing it back for today’s red carpets. Both Zendaya and Beyoncé also wore frosted lipstick looks for their recent Italian and British Vogue covers. However, if you’re anything like me, it might bring back makeup nightmares. I remember buying frosted lipsticks that felt chalky, dragged on the lips and had way too much glitter. Is it just me or were they always just a bit too pale, too?


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