The Best Cult-Loved Beauty Items to Buy on Amazon Prime Day


Rarely do I write a story that begs no introduction, but if there was ever a time (or sale) to shut my mouth and let you do the rest, it would be Amazon Prime Day. Which, as you may have gathered from the frenzy taking place on the internet in the past 24 hours, is happening as we speak! 

While the Prime Day of yesteryears used to be one day and one day only, the money-saving gods have done us a true solid by extending the magic one full day. Yep, while the sale technically started July 12, we’re lucky enough to have an additional 24 hours to stock up on everything we’ve ever wanted to buy on Amazon at a major discount, (Well, everything that’s included in the event, anyway.) Obviously, there’s a ton of beauty loot to wade through, so I’m paying it forward by presenting 20 seriously buzzy beauty products that ineffably manage to exceed their hype. Keep scrolling! 20 products I’d maneuver to the tip-top of your Amazon shopping cart are below. 


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