The Benefits of Thermal Water for Skin


Throughout history, thermal baths have been places people go to heal stressed-out skin and relax their bodies, particularly in places like Budapest, where these thermal baths are ingrained into the culture. “Thermal waters contain natural minerals, such as iron and zinc that contain natural anti-inflammatory and/or antibacterial properties,” says Dr. Elyse Love, board-certified dermatologist. “The combination of water and minerals provides the skin with soothing hydration.”

If you don’t live near a natural source of thermal water, you’re in luck—many beauty brands have whipped the natural ingredient into skincare. Anyone can benefit from this ingredient, as it’s good for all skin types. Thermal water is perfect for anyone who wants a hydrating skincare boost, but Love notes that it’s particularly beneficial for soothing irritated skin. 

Spray a thermal water mist on before a hyaluronic acid serum or reach for a product with the water blended in—the ways to use this mineral-heavy ingredient are endless. It’s a staple on French pharmacy shelves for a reason. Keep reading for our favorite thermal water-laced skincare products, and get ready to watch your skin reap the many benefits.


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