The 9 Best Versace Bags That Are Absolutely Iconic


If you know Versace, you’re going to agree with what I’m about to say: Versace is not just a brand—it’s a lifestyle. The aesthetic that goes along with the brand has always given me a luxury travel experience from home, whether I’m stopping by the brand’s store, wearing one of its vintage pieces I scored at The Real Real, or checking out the runway show from home. Since it’s such a lifestyle brand, most people know Versace for its epic prints and bold ready-to-wear collection.

When shopping at the store, people browse the racks and many miss out on taking a closer look at its handbag assortment, so I’m taking it upon myself to report on just how good it is. First of all, the first thing on my mind is always price point, so let’s talk about it. To me, being able to walk away from a designer shopping spree with a bag that costs under $1500 is a success story. Yes, it’s a very steep price, but compared to other Italian luxury powerhouses, you’re winning here. The designs are on point since they include recognizable motifs like the iconic medusa head, Greek geometric motifs, and scarf detailing. Keep scrolling to see its nine best styles.


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