The $30 Pant Trend I Saw All Over Copenhagen Fashion Week


I just got back from Copenhagen Fashion Week’s spring/summer 2023 shows, where I spotted a myriad of different runway and street style trends. But one piece, in particular, seemed to be exceedingly popular: baggy beige trousers. All of the coolest fashion girls seemed to be wearing them, from Vanessa Hong to Ellie Delphine. And here’s the best part: I just found a supremely chic version in H&M’s new arrivals section for just $30. Score.

As the street style pics below illustrate, this trend can be styled in so many different ways. Want to show off a little skin? Pair them with a bra top. Into a more traditional look? Style the pants with a white button-down shirt. Scroll down to shop the trousers du jour and get plenty of outfit inspo with 10 straight-from-fashion-week photos. 


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