The 30 Best Nightgowns That Are Editor-Approved


For as long as I can remember, I have worn an oversize T-shirt to bed with an alternating mix of shorts or leggings. The thought of wearing anything deemed as proper pajamas immediately made me think of everything I have seen my mom or grandmothers wear to bed throughout my life. Maybe it’s because I am getting older, but as the popularity of nap dresses continues to grow, I have been more compelled than ever to give nightgowns a try.

The latest selections of nightgowns are incredibly stylish yet comfortable. In fact, there are many I’d even consider wearing out of the house as a full-on outfit. Beyond looking cool, they are starting to appeal to me as a form of pampering self-care for bedtime. Just picture going through your skincare routine decked out in chic pj’s—yes, please.

In my latest perusal, I came across everything from statement ruffles to silky silhouettes, minimalist designs, and more. Keep scrolling to shop 30 of the best nightgowns. It’s been so hard to pick just one.


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