The 30 Best Fashion Sale Finds on the Internet


Look—I’ve been on a serious budget for some time now, but the sales happening right now are pretty stellar. Needless to say, this makes it super hard to remain conservative with my shopping habits as of late. My strategy when sale shopping is pretty simple and allows me to get a bird’s-eye view of everything I have in mind so I can easily make a final call.

The key to streamlining the process is Pinterest. While I peruse my favorite online stores, I make sure to pin my top picks to my private “Sales” Pinterest folder. Once I’m done browsing, I open the folder to see everything that piqued my interest, and from there, I narrow down my nominees. I usually settle on the pieces that I know I will get the most wear out of.

Keep scrolling to see 30 of my top sale picks from the past week. Many pieces are perfect for mixing and matching, such as denim shorts, cool tops, and sleek sandals.


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