The 29 Most Comfortable Shoes, According to an NYC Commuter


As someone who’s commuted to NYC since college, I’ve become an expert at figuring out what shoes are actually comfortable. There have been too many instances where I’ve had blisters from running after a train or sore feet after a long day of work. It’s been six years of making the trek from the the suburbs to the city for me, and after falling prey to a lot of trendy yet painful shoes, I’ve finally narrowed my collection down to five styles I can always rely on.

My job also happens to be in fashion, so not only do I have to make sure these shoes are pain-free, but they also have to be stylish. If you’re tired of your shoes leaving your feet feeling sore and blistered, you should take a look at the list below. If they can handle the amount of walking NYC requires, they can handle anything. (Trust me—and you can thank me later.)


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