The 24 Best Dresses for a Christening (and What to Avoid)


Besides short hemlines, are there any other dress styles to avoid? “Steer clear of oversized dresses, as they can look too informal—it’s best to keep those for a beach. If you have a big bust, a wrap dress might be one to avoid, especially as you have a baby pulling at it.” Really, as it goes with anything you wear, the most important aspect should be feeling confident and comfortable in your attire. 

Before you scroll down for the shopping picks, here’s a quick reminder about Kershaw’s suggestions:

Style of dress: Soft silhouettes with a focus on structured necklines

Hemlines: Midi, long or asymmetric hem

Colours: Pastel tones, white, yellow-based reds

Prints: Florals are ideal, although others are fine, so feel free to experiment

Avoid: Anything too dark, such as navy or black and white and stripes, as these are too corporate. Wrap and oversized dresses are too unstructured.


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