Snoop Dogg: This Martha Stewart Creation Is Better Than Gin and Juice


There’s only one woman who could make Snoop Dogg take a break from sipping his gin and juice.
As Martha Stewart‘s 19 Crimes Chardonnay prepares to release a brand-new set of commercials for the delicious beverage, E! News is getting an exclusive sneak preview of the must-see ads.
In one scene, Martha invites her nearest and dearest over for a very special dinner party where her California Chardonnay is the drink of choice for lucky guests.  
“I’m really excited to share the first bottle of Martha’s chard with my closest friends,” she says from the head of the table. “Tonight is all about celebrating the fruits of my labor. And by fruit, I mean wine, and by labor, I mean making wine. Keep up people!”
As the lifestyle expert showcases her beautiful tablespace, she offers one final piece of advice to her guests. “Work hard, play hard and drink Martha’s chard,” she said.


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