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The firm that brought us the feelgood games Journey, Flower, and Sky: Children of the Light thatgamecompany, has revealed that it is collaborating with Aurora, the award-winning singer, coming this fall.

Little is known about the upcoming event as of now. Thatgamecompany has not given any official statement about the collaboration, but the firm is calling it a “one-of-a-kind experience”. However, more will be shared in September when the firm heads to Tokyo Game Show to disclose more information.

Aurora, on the other hand, did speak on the matter: “I value human connections and being true to one’s emotions. My experience with Journey as a player and Sky as an artist showed me we share a similar perspective and I am thrilled to be a bigger part of the Sky community”.

We’ve seen more companies in the gaming industry collaborate with artists in the music industry recently. Just this year, Spotify partnered with Roblox for the launch of Spotify Island, and Garena invited K-Pop band BTS to Free Fire last March. 


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