“Siren Eyes” Is TikTok’s Take on ’90s Supermodel Eye Makeup


Tik Tok has graced us with so many makeup trends and product recommendations (like the re-emergence of skin tints, the popular “sunburn” blush placement, and some of the best color-correctors I’ve ever used). Many of these product recommendations and trends have changed my makeup game entirely—or at the very least, inspired me to try something new. Some of them, though, seem to be new interpretations and discoveries of old classics.

Take the resurgence of Clinique’s Black Honey Lipstick ($22) for example. This lipstick has been around for decades, but it just recently went viral on Tik Tok. Another good example is the “clean girl” makeup aesthetic. While the name of this trend could be considered problematic, it’s arguably just a new interpretation of the standard “no-makeup makeup” look. 

The latest makeup trend to sweep across Tik Tok is a modified version of something we all know and love—’90s supermodel eye makeup. The trend, which has been dubbed “siren eyes” is being recreated by the platform’s top beauty influencers. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Zendaya are in on it, too. Keep scrolling to get all the deets on this trend and shop the best products for recreating it. 


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