See Greg Mathis Jr. & His Boyfriend’s Difficult Talk on Going Public


Greg Jr. & Boyfriend Elliot Cooper Prepare to Come Out Publicly

After moving across the country to L.A. together, Greg Mathis Jr. is ready to reach another relationship milestone with boyfriend Elliott Cooper on E!’s Mathis Family Matters.

As he explains in this sneak peek of the upcoming July 3 episode, “A big part of why I wanted to come out here is because I do want to take a more public track as an LGBTQ advocate. And on the road to being more public, I wanna do a public announcement about my sexuality.”

However, Greg Jr. knows that his decision will cause speculation about his dating life, so he’s first checking in with Elliott to hear his thoughts. In response, Elliot explains that he “never really came out.”

“About three years ago, let down my guard, called my dad, and I told him, I said, ‘I’ve been dating this guy named Greg for the last three years,'” he shared in a confessional. And thankfully, his dad’s reaction was far from bad.


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