Santa Barbara Chancellor Not Charged in Alleged Hit-and-Run


University of California, Santa Barbara, chancellor Henry T. Yang will not face criminal charges after his alleged involvement in a hit-and-run on campus that left a student with minor injuries.

Yang has denied being involved in the alleged hit-and-run, and the California Highway Patrol, unable to determine what happened due to a lack of evidence and inconsistent statements provided by the victim, will not charge the chancellor, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“Based on my observations at the scene, [victim’s] inconsistent statements, the lack of video surveillance, the lack of independent witnesses, and the lack of physical evidence on either vehicle (LeSabre and Lacrosse) to corroborate [victim’s] statement of how the event occurred, I am unable to substantiate [victim’s] claims that Mr. Yang was involved in this crash,” a California Highway Patrol officer concluded in investigative documents obtained by the Times.

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