Ryan Giggs trial live: Ex-girlfriend Kate Greville expected to give evidence as former footballer accused of assault and controlling behaviour | UK News


A video of a police interview with Kate Greville is being played to the court.

In the video, Ms Greville is sat alone on a sofa as she answers the questions of a police officer.

Ms Greville says she met Giggs in 2013 when she working for a PR agency.

One of Giggs’s businesses employed the PR agency she worked for, she says.

“I was doing quite a lot of work for Ryan,” she says.

“Over a course of a year, two years, I started to notice he had a definite interest in me.”

She says she was married at the time but it was an unhappy marriage and she was not in a good place mentally.

She says on one occasion Giggs was “constantly” staring at her while he was being interviewed.

“I was unnerved by it a little bit but it was also flattering,” she says.


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