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Roblox is massively enjoyable to play on your PC or mobile, but sometimes you need to disconnect and play with something offline. What better way is there to enjoy your downtime than to play with some Roblox toys? The toys available range from playsets to blind boxes, and we’ve got you covered on the best ones you can buy.

Roblox toys are also great for collectors, so we have made sure to add some rare figures that you can add to your collections. The desktop series is great for players who have to work a 9 – 5 office job and want to make sure their desks show their love of Roblox, and the playsets are great for expressing your imagination in the real world with Roblox characters.

New to Roblox? Take a look at our Roblox login guide for help! For experienced Roblox players, check out our Roblox slender and Roblox faces guides to help customise your character and Roblox horror games to find some of the best titles around!

What are the best ROBLOX PLAYSETS?

Roblox toy characters selling lemonade

Adopt Me: Lemonade Stand

  • With this set, you can start up a lemonade stand and watch the (imaginary) Robux fly in.

Roblox toys showing police and fugitives

Jailbreak: Great Escape

  • Break out of jail and recreate scenes from Badimo’s 2017 open-world action game. This set includes four figures and accessories.

Roblox toys depicting an art heist

Jailbreak: Museum Heist

  • Once you have performed your great escape, why not perform the greatest museum heist of all time? Or better yet, try to stop the criminals from escaping! This set includes eight figures and accessories.

What are the best ROBLOX BLIND BOXES?

There are 24 characters available in each mystery figure series! Every box comes with a collectors sheet and code for a relevant in-game item.

The series 8 Roblox toy mystery figures

Mystery Figures Series 8

  • The series eight set has some iconic characters from a wide range of popular Roblox games.

What are the best ROBLOX FIGURES?

There are hundreds of different Roblox action figures, with many styles and personalities. Every official Roblox action figure you purchase comes with a code for a cool in-game item.

Roblox toy of Anubis


  • Anubis is an Egyptian themed action figure. He crosses the desert to be sure people are punished for raiding the pharaoh’s tombs.

A Roblox toy of enchantress

Royale High School: Enchantress

  • The enchantress is a student at callmehbob’s Royale High School. She is very kind and helps all new students feel comfortable.

A Roblox toy of Malgorok'Zyth

Monster Islands: Malgorok’Zyth

  • Malgorok’Zyth is an ancient god that uses its void powers to destroy any hero it comes across.

A Roblox toy of Phantom

Ghost Forces: Phantom

  • You can find the Phantom hunting on every full moon. It is very cute, but don’t let your guard down, this fox has a mighty bite!

Now that you have some cool Roblox figures, we recommend taking a look at our Roblox faces guide to help you get creative.


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