Rittenhouse Says He Will Attend Blinn College, Not Texas A&M


Kyle Rittenhouse now says he will attend Blinn College, a community college near Texas A&M University, not Texas A&M.

Rittenhouse said he would be enrolling at A&M in an appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show posted to YouTube Saturday, Insider reported. “I’m going to be going there, and it’s going to be awesome,” Rittenhouse said, wearing a baseball cap with the university’s insignia on it. “Beautiful campus, amazing people, amazing food.”

But an A&M spokesperson disagreed that he is a future student. “He has not been admitted as a student this summer or fall,” Kelly Brown told The Dallas Morning News.

Rittenhouse shot three people, killing two of them, in 2020, in Wisconsin. A jury found him not guilty of first-degree homicide and four other charges.

On Monday he tweeted the correction to his earlier statements.


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