Reviewed: Merit Relaunched The Minimalist, and It’s So Good


So what makes The Minimalist one of my favorite products of all time? For one, it buffs, blends, and melts so seamlessly into the skin, and unlike so many foundations and concealers, it looks better and better the longer you wear it. With some kind of witchcraft, it still looks freshly applied by the end of the day. I usually wear my makeup for a full 10 hours, and by hour 10, there’s still no creasing! Second, a little bit goes a long way, which makes the new, more generous portion all the sweeter. What’s more, Merit’s A+ lipstick formulaThe Signature Lip ($26), which is frequently sold out in multiple hues—will also be back to full stock, and with orders over $75, customers will receive the brand’s limited-edition summer bag


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