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Analytics firm Ampere Analysis has just released new data showing that 34 per cent of Call of Duty: Mobile (CoD: Mobile) gamers are also playing Candy Crush Saga more than other predicted titles.

Additionally, the thread shows more than half of CoD: Mobile players are understandably playing Call of Duty: Warzone, while 45 per cent also play Fortnite.

These numbers are higher than Candy Crush’s 34 percent, which isn’t surprising, given the similarities between the Call of Duty games and Fortnite. However, what was surprising is that more CoD: Mobile gamers play Candy Crush over games like Among Us, League of Legends, and Apex Legends, which stood at 25, 24, and 20 per cent players respectively.

Given that Candy Crush is far from an action-shooter game like its counterpart, the survey revealed that gamers are not all locked into having a singular taste. The article states, “Much as the vast majority of gamers play across multiple devices (fewer than one in ten play on one device exclusively, on average), they also engage with a variety of genres and playstyles.”

Source: Ampere Analysis

The rise of competitive and mid-core games

According to a report by GameRefinery, mid-core games are becoming more popular in the US. Games such as CoD: Mobile account for 37 per cent of the US mobile gaming market.

Even though mid-core games have made their mark in the industry, Candy Crush, which recently ranked in fifth place among the highest-grossing mobile games of all time, has been gaining some attraction with the younger generation, who favour more competitive gaming.


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