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I’m a huge fan of OlliOlli World, and the original games when they released on 3DS, WiiU, and eventually, as the double pack on Switch. Seeing that gameplay realised with such colour and a world so fun to be in, well you can read exactly how much I love it in my full OlliOlli World review. Long story short, I call it “flipping brilliant”, a pun I still refuse to apologise for.

The initial release of OlliOlli World is already a meaty package, with a whole heap of levels and a ridiculous amount of customisation features for your pastel-packing avatar to adorn themselves with. Still, you can’t have too much of a good thing, and so comes along the Void Riders DLC, the first of a few promised updates to OlliOlli World that brings new levels, mechanics, and clothing items to explore.

These new levels appear in the already unlocked worlds, adding a bit of variety to those additional settings, and uses a UFO and cryptid theme to introduce you to some cool new elements. The main focus of the UFO feature is a tractor beam that shines down on the track, and when you perform a grab move, it can pull you up into the air with some sweet anti-gravity technology.

The power of close-encounters adds some nice airtime to these new levels and is a godsend for building some spectacularly long combos. The most satisfying part of OlliOlli has always been keeping the longest chain imaginable to deliver a monster score, and this is just an extension of that fantastic gamefeel. The many new levels are fairly tough and are definitely recommended for someone who has a grip on the main techniques or has completed the game entirely already.

OlliOlli World: Void Riders DLC: a character rides a skateboard through a pastel coloured world while strange alien things happen in the background

A good level facilitates a long combo, and here, these new levels are a dream come true. Some of the original levels had a couple more hazards than I’d like, especially the purple stones you have to grab to beak through, but these levels seem to have more of a focus on grinding to connect your tricks and a really nice sense of momentum.

Roll7 has introduced some clear conditions as well, with each of the new sets of levels unlocking a fresh challenge after completing them. You’re racing to the finish line to beat a swimming crytpid, bashing bees on the head, and a couple of other neat twists to the formula that all feel satisfying in their own way. The last level especially really pushes your skills, with one huge survival test and monster grind-a-thon, where you simply have to stay upright until the end to complete it. It was a true test of my abilities that felt like a really nice cap on an already tough set of levels.

OlliOlli World: Void Riders DLC: a character rides a skateboard through a pastel coloured world while strange alien things happen in the background

There are also new challenges in each of the levels just like the main story, an interesting collection of possibly alien friends to chat to with the signature charming dialogue and a bunch of cute outfits to unlock. If you love the base OlliOlli World and want a little extra challenge to test your newfound skills, this DLC is a no-brainer, though I do wish we had a little more, as I completed all of the new levels in around three hours. Now that does not include beating all the high scores and challenges, but depending on your playstyle, your mileage may vary.


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