Natasha Bure Slams Claim She Gets Jobs Because of Candace Cameron Bure


Natasha Bure is setting the record straight. 

In a new interview with Today, the 23-year-old shared her frustration with people accusing her of getting acting jobs because of her mother, Candace Cameron Bure.

“A lot of people will kind of assume that if I get any job or work at all that it’s from her,” she said. “Or it’s given to me or it’s handed to me, and it’s honestly quite literally the opposite.”

Natasha explained that she has worked hard to build her career, separate from the Full House alum’s legacy.

“I’m out here like everyone else just grinding and trying to follow my dreams and make them come true,” she continued. “So I think that’s one misconception that’s a little bit frustrating to see.”

However, while she’s made it a point to go at it on her own, Natasha does turn to her mom when she is in need of advice on how to navigate the industry.


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