Natalie Portman Amused by Sight of Chris Hemsworth at Kids’ School


For most parents, picking up your kids after school is a relatively straightforward experience—well, unless you’re Natalie Portman or Chris Hemsworth, that is.

The Black Swan actress, 41, shared that when she was filming Thor: Love and Thunder in Australia, she once spotted her co-star, 38, attempting to pick up his kids during the after-school rush without being noticed.  

“Chris’ kids, for a period of the shooting, came to town and went to the same school as my kids,” Natalie said on the June 24 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! “One day, we ended up at school pick up at the same time and I just felt so bad for him.” 

While the actress—who is mom to son Aleph, 11, and daughter Amalia, 5—acknowledged that Chris is “really famous everywhere,” she explained that factor is multiplied exponentially in his home country.

To remain undetected, Natalie watched Chris try to hide behind a tree until his kids—daughter India, 10, and twin sons Tristan and Sasha, 8—arrived but was “unable to, obviously” given his fame.   


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