My Aunt Just Convinced Me to Buy These 29 Nordstrom Items


If this is your first time here, let me catch you up to speed: My aunt is my style icon. She was the person who ignited my love of fashion and continues to impress me with her ever-evolving style. Over the years, our personal styles have gone from polar opposite to quite similar. We now shop at more of the same stores and idolize the same aesthetics. One of our go-to retailers has always been Nordstrom and this week, my aunt showed me a handful of new arrivals that I now won’t shut up about. 

I love that I’m 30 and she’s 58 yet we have similar tastes now. And the 29 Nordstrom items below will confirm good taste is completely ageless. Featuring everything from cheap finds to investment pieces, basics to trendy must-haves, the assortment here will have you with full carts just like my chic aunt and me.


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