Minecraft mobs – passive, neutral, and hostile


There’s a lot going on in the massive world of Minecraft, but Minecraft mobs help to make it feel more alive, and a few add a certain sense of danger to your time in survival mode. While trying to survive the first night I thought, who is this funny green guy? Then BAM! I said goodbye to my wood, and life, what a sucker.

This Minecraft mobs guide is here to help you separate the friend from the foe and give you an idea of how some of these adorable little critters can help you amass resources, or just some good old-fashioned meat. Grab your sheers, or your sword, and let’s get mining some mobs. We expect to regularly update this guide, so be sure to come back for even more mobs in the future.

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Here’s our guide to Minecraft mobs.

Minecraft mobs

Minecraft mobs: a screenshot of Minecraft is in the background, while the foreground shows images of Minecraft versions of a chicken, a cow, and a sheep

Passive Minecraft mobs


Adorable little guys found in most grassy biomes, you can sheer sheep for wool, or kill them for mutton. They have eight hit points and are mostly found to be white. There’s a slim chance for light grey, grey, or black sheep to occur, while brown or pink sheep are very rare.


These massive moo-thers generally spawn in groups of two or three, though can be found on their own rarely. Killing a cow drops beef and leather, while using a bucket will produce milk. Wheat can also be used if you want to make a cow follow you to your farm, where cows will mate and spawn younger cows for even more resources. They have ten health points.


Possibly the most common passive mob, found in grassy biomes, chickens drop feathers and raw chicken when killed. They also drop eggs at random, so luring some with seeds is a good way to get a constant food source. They have four health points, and killing a baby chicken yields no items. But I mean, why would you anyway?

Minecraft mobs: a screenshot of Minecraft is in the background, while the foreground shows images of Minecraft versions of a wolf, a spider, and the tall black enemy known as the ender man

Neutral mobs


One of the most common mobs at night, spiders are not as aggressive as others and are fairly easy to deal with. They have sixteen health points and will drop string often, with a rare chance to drop a spider eye as well. They’re the only mob that can climb walls, making them a pretty scary enemy to stumble across in the dark underground caves of Minecraft.

Ender Man

A unique and scary-looking mob, Ender Men can spawn in The Overworld, The Nether, and The End. They have 40 hit points, and when killed will drop an ender pearl. This is an essential item in forging the Minecraft end portal. Ender Men also have the unique ability to pick up blocks and place them, and will drop them if killed. They’ve even been immortalised in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, as one of the skins available when you play as Steve.


While this Minecraft mob can be aggressive, it can also be tamed with a bone to work alongside the player to attack more hostile mobs. They have eight health points, and when killed reward you with between one and three experience points. Wolves are known to spawn in a lot of different places, so are fairly common, and after you tame them with bones (the amount needed is randomised) they can be healed with meat.

Minecraft mobs: a screenshot of Minecraft is in the background, while the foreground shows images of Minecraft versions of a zombie, a skeleton, the green enemy known as a creeper, and the floating flame enemy known as blaze

Hostile mobs


The most common hostile mob, zombies come out at night and have 20 health points. While they often spawn as they are, they can also spawn randomly with armour or tools, making them more difficult to deal with. Ordinarily, a killed zombie will drop zombie flesh. There’s also a slim chance that they drop an iron ingot, a carrot, or a potato. There’s also a 5% chance that instead of a zombie, a zombie villager can spawn in its place. These can be lured back to villages with a potion or a golden apple.


The most iconic enemy in the game, and a bloody nuisance, creepers spawn at night and have a nasty habit of exploding when they get near enough to the player, undoing all your hard work and disassembling all of the nearby blocks. They have twenty health points, and when killed drop between one and three experience points and gunpowder. If killed by a skeleton or a stray, they can drop a music disc, while if killed by a charged creeper, they can drop a creeper head for the player to wear.


Found in the Nether Fortress, blaze are a fire-based enemy that has twenty health points. They drop a blaze rod, an essential item in forging a Minecraft end portal, As well as ten experience points.


Another common hostile mob, skeletons are equipped with a bow, and will attack from a distance. They have twenty health points, and when killed drop bones and arrows, and reward players with five experience points. They also catch fire in sunlight, so if you can keep them occupied until sunrise, you might be safe!

That’s all for now players, but be sure to check back for more updates to this Minecraft mobs guide. If you love Minecraft but want to play with different kinds of blocks, be sure to check out our guide covering the best Lego gaming sets, which include some fantastic Mario and Minecraft sets. Happy building!


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