Meredith Blake Is Trending on TikTok—Let’s Steal Her Style


The fashion side of TikTok has been buzzing lately over a once-forgotten fictional character from the 1990s. Who remembers Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap? Serving as the much-needed villain in the sappy tween drama, she also served many chic looks. Some of us first encountered Meredith Blake as children and noticed her comical personality and dry sense of humor, not her wardrobe. Rewatching the film as an adult shows Blake as a whole different kind of character: a style icon.

Her style defines the late ’90s elevated look that women like Princess Diana and Sade were known for flaunting. Since that aesthetic has regained traction, it was only a matter of time before people realized Meredith Blake is at the center of it. If you like The Row, you’ll want to copy Blake’s looks. My first thought on her style always goes straight to the black-and-white athleisure motif that she wore on the infamous camping trip she loathed in the film. But out of the wilderness, she wore tailored separates, shift dresses, preppy knits, and logo-free accessories. The clothes she wore will never go out of style, so join me in shopping for them.


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