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At Pocket Gamer Connects events, we want to make sure you make the most out of your conference experience, which means giving you the opportunity to get the networking fun started far before the actual conference action formally begins.

To maximise your abundance of networking opportunities, we’re opening up our sophisticated meeting scheduling platform ahead of time, so attendees from all around the world can start making connections online and scheduling meetings before even setting foot in Helsinki. If you haven’t heard, we’re bringing Europe’s favourite B2B mobile gaming conference back to the spiritual home of mobile gaming for the first time in over two years this September 27th to 28th.

Over the two days, over 1,200 games industry professionals from all around the world will descend upon Helsinki for two days full of networking, matchmaking opportunities and hours of wisdom from over 200 thought leaders from all over the world covering the most pressing topics facing the industry today. It’s going to be incredible, and you don’t want to miss out on making the most of your conference experience if you plan on attending.

There’s only a little while left before we set our meeting scheduling platform live, so if you’re looking to make the most of your PG Connects experience, the time to get your ticket registered is now. Head over to our website now and secure your Early Bird ticket while you still can, you can save up to £290 if you act before prices rise this week.

Keep on reading to find out more about how you can connect with your dream business partner ahead of time!

Get started with booking your meetings as soon as you can!

The MeetToMatch platform for Pocket Gamers Helsinki is going to be live a few weeks ahead of the actual conference action kicking off. Once you get your ticket booked for the conference, you can stay secure in the knowledge that you will be the first to be notified when the platform goes live so you can get your networking started. Get ahead of the curve by being an Early Bird and start connecting with the amazing top brands that will be joining us at Helsinki such as King, Ubisoft, Unity, Electronic Arts, HyperMX, AudioMob, Dimoso, Xsolla, Bango, Rovio, Adverty and countless others.

The sophisticated MeetToMatch platform allows you to:

  • Set up a profile so other attendees know you are open to meeting and networking
  • Browse attendees and companies who will be present at PG Connects Seattle
  • Showcase products and services on your profile page
  • Request and accept meetings with other attendees both on-site and virtually
  • Access live stream links to watch talks and seminars across two conference days
  • Access recordings of all speaker sessions post-event
  • Get ahead of the game and start scheduling your meetings today!

Book your ticket now!
The time to act is here. There’s limited time left to take advantage of our Early Bird discount, so head over to our website now and purchase your ticket to our Helsinki conference to save up to £290. You will be the first to find out when our meeting platform goes live and be the first to get in touch with hundreds of representatives from top gaming companies from around the world.

See you in Helsinki!


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