Kendra Kolb Butler’s Favorite Beauty Products of All Time


I’ve lived in Manhattan for a few years now, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fantasize about trading in the hustle and bustle for some mountainous serenity. Don’t get me wrong—I thrive off this city’s energy, but some days, all I want is fresh air and a view that isn’t my neighbor’s living room. Swapping lifestyles can be intimidating, but Alpyn Beauty founder Kendra Kolb Butler is leading by example. After 20 years of working in the NYC beauty industry, Butler made the move to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and founded her own skincare line inspired by her new surroundings. “I had no intention of ever starting my own brand. Alpyn Beauty was born out of necessity,” she says. “When I moved to Wyoming, everything I knew about skincare was completely thrown out the window. I couldn’t acclimate my skin to the harsh mountain climate no matter how hard I tried.” But nature’s inspiration quickly struck when she realized that the native botanicals that had adapted and flourished in the Wyoming environment could probably help her skin do the same. She began experimenting, and the result was Alpyn Beauty.


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