Jurassic’s Daniella Pineda Recalls “Shocking” Sweating Dinosaur


Not everyone can say their co-star was a dinosaur, but for Daniella Pineda that was just another day on set.

During an exclusive interview with Live From E!, Daniella recalled her first time seeing a “real” dinosaur.

While on the red carpet for the Jurassic World Dominion‘s premiere on June 6, she looked back on the moment she first came face to face with a terrifying reptile. Daniella recalled it was during the filming for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

As for what she thought of the dino in question? The actress, who plays Zia Rodriguez in the film franchise, shared that it was “shocking” to see.

“It was in the last movie with the raptor,” she explained. “It was so realistic. Its veins pulsed and its eyes dilated. It would sweat. I was like, ‘Woah, it’s like a real dinosaur.'”

She then teased the experience was “as real as it gets without having a soul.”


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