I’m a Stylist on TikTok—5 Fashion Problems I See the Most


While spending one of my evenings scrolling through TikTok (you know, as one does), I stumbled across Eugenia Battaglia’s account, @stylewitheugenia. She’s worked as a stylist for 15 years and currently posts shopping recommendations, tricks, and styling techniques on TikTok. On that note, I reached out to Battaglia to uncover further insights into the “fashion problems” she solves the most for her clients. 

“After 15 years of working as a stylist, these are a few of the most common questions I get from women of all ages. I get it! Finding the right clothes at the right price can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be,” she told me. She also explained that the tips coming your way below are simple guidelines to empower you the next time you head to your closet or local department store. 

With all of this in mind, keep scrolling to uncover styling tips from this stylist on TikTok as well as shopping references if you’re interested in adding something fresh to your rotation. 


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