I Tried On 12 Pieces From J.Crew—Here Are My Reviews


J.Crew is not a new brand by any means, but with the buzz it’s been getting recently, it certainly sounds like it could be. With the help of its new head of women’s design, Olympia Gayot, the brand went from being a destination for preppy lovers to a fashion-set staple. Yes, J.Crew has always offered pieces like blazers, trousers, and button-downs, but the new styling and vintage-like silhouettes that Gayot has incorporated into the recent collections have caught everyone’s attention.

I always leaned into the edgy aesthetic as a teenager, so even in high school when J.Crew was the place to shop, I never stepped foot into the store. But after a quick scroll through Gayot’s Instagram, I wanted everything she was wearing. It wasn’t just the pieces—her way of styling each item made them look chic yet wearable. I knew I had to put the new J.Crew to the test, so I picked out 12 items to try out for myself. Keep scrolling to see my honest review of each piece and how I took notes from Gayot in styling them.


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