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Mobile games developer Hutch has now begun its four-day working week trial, as part of a pilot organised by 4 Day Week Global.

The pilot is overseen by researchers from Cambridge and Oxford universities, Boston College in the US and thinktank Autonomy, and involves 3,000 companies across 60 countries.

The trial seeks to evaluate the benefits to Hutch’s team, including staff wellbeing, organisational productivity, sustainability and reduced commuting, distribution of responsibility for parents and carers.

Shaun Rutland, CEO of Hutch, said “For 10 years we’ve ensured Hutch is a great place to work. The 4 Day Work Week trial is a natural next step for us to promote productivity, sustainability and better work life balance for our Hutchies.

“We want the industry to learn alongside us, and use our results to help make working in games the fantastic experience it should be.”

Four-day working weeks have gained substantial traction in the mobile games industry, including at Armor Games and BANDAI NAMCO Mobile, and will be providing more insight in Hutch’s six month trial in the near future.


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